Campus Transparencia: Online anti-corruption training for Ibero-America

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Campus Transparencia

Transparencia Venezuela, 29 June 2018.Transparencia Venezuela, convinced that academic preparation is essential to transform public management at its different levels, makes available to the citizens of Ibero-America Campus Transparencia, an innovative virtual platform in Spanish that offers training in four faculties: Information, Data and Corruption; Transparent Public Management, Anti-corruption, and Human Rights and Corruption.

After years of monitoring and evaluation of the institutional risks and weaknesses present in various countries of the world, this organization considered urgent to train public administrators and citizens at all levels as key players in achieving a public sector open to scrutiny that strengthens trust in institutions and, ultimately, protects democracy.

Campus Transparencia was designed with the support of the European Union and Transparency International and is aimed at public officials at all levels and other civil society players. Invited to register: students, scholars, businesspersons, public administrators, politicians, trade union and social leaders, among others.

Campus Transparencia offers training on issues of open government, institutional transparency, anti-corruption fight, the implementation of access to public information, citizen participation, public finances, accountability and much more. It begins activities with two programs: Access to Public Information and Fight against Corruption from the Human Rights Approach, 6 mentored courses, and 10 self-learning courses. By the end of 2018, 8 programs, 15 mentored courses and 68 self-learning courses will be offered.

The contents of the Campus Transparencia are offered by professionals of different nationalities, globally recognized, experts in corruption risks, research, national and global regulations, public management, justice, human rights, social programs, public contracts, in economics, and electoral issues.

Among the contributors of the platform are: Edison Lanza, special rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Carlos Cordero, partner-director of the consultancy Sustentia Innovación Social; Silvana Fumega, director of research and policies of the Latin American Initiative for Open Data, Julio César Martínez, secretary of presentation of the Secretariat of Agreements and Presentation of Personal Data of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data, and Jorge Villagrán, who served as coordinator of systems for the Investigation of the Historical Archive of the National Police of Guatemala.

In addition, among the allies of the Campus Transparencia are Argentina’s Agency of Access to Information, the consultancy Sustentia Innovación Social, as well as Participación Ciudadana, Acción Ciudadana and Costa Rica Íntegra, chapters of Transparency International of the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Costa Rica, respectively.

Train with many advantages to strengthen democracy

Students who register will have the opportunity to learn with various virtual activities, to know the use of tools and methodologies for the effective implementation of transparency and protection systems against corruption, to connect with other professionals who work against corruption and to strengthen allies and work team, to research in the online libraries of each course and promote transparency by applying what has been learned.

«Through knowledge of laws, rules, methodologies and procedures, this educational project seeks that the participant develop his/her own plan of action from the public administration, as a politician, social leader or simply as a citizen, aware of the impact that his/her action can have with tools and knowledge, in the construction of integrity systems inside and outside the structures of the State,» said Mercedes De Freitas, director of Transparencia Venezuela and project leader.

From the comfort of his/her home or office, with a flexible schedule and investing less than in-person training, students can also become more competitive for a workplace in which knowledge about transparency is increasingly sought.

At the end of the training, the graduates of the programs or courses will receive a certificate that supports the acquisition of knowledge with the seal of Transparencia Venezuela and the endorsement of Transparency International.

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