The pattern of great corruption in Venezuela

The Venezuelan chapter of Transparency International has been monitoring throughout three decades the management of public officials in Venezuela. Their study reveals that high-level decisions have been taken and public policies applied systematically. This led to the embezzlement of the state’s coffers and the establishment of a criminal state, spreading its tentacles and reaching dozens of countries that have been touched by this transnational corruption network.

The main cause of the systematic violation of the human rights of millions of Venezuelans is the wasting and irregular handling of huge amounts of public resources, from high levels of power. This gave rise to the unprecedented complex humanitarian emergency that the country is suffering and that has driven millions of people to desperately cross the borders, to ensure their survival.

Through the tracking and analysis of the serious irregularities perpetrated against the national patrimony, Transparencia Venezuela has identified 12 harmful elements that shape the Great Corruption Pattern established in the country, which promoted the worst embezzlement in the history of Venezuela. It is an approach to the factors that have led to the complex situation in the country, which allows a better understanding of the crisis.

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